Blankets For india

Welcome to Blankets for India


Blankets for India is an initiative that is for some members of our team very close to home.

In New Delhi and the surrounding areas, night time temperatures drop as low as 2 degrees Celsius and this can turn life for thousands of homeless people from extreme hardship into a life and death situation.

Our charity aims to make a difference to these people’s lives in a simple way. We will raise money to manufacture and distribute blankets to the people who need them most. Although only a simple item, it is a way of potentially saving lives when the temperatures get very low.

We will purchase and distribute the blankets personally to make sure they get to the neediest, and avoid ‘red tape’. A blanket with label and distribution costs only £3. Will you help to make a difference?

The Blankets

Every blanket that we will raise money for will have a label sewn in that says where it has come from. The label will be Hindi and English and there will be a space to write in the name of the person who has donated the money to buy it.

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